By Hook or Crook

Jasmine A. Los Angeles.

‘Quick And To The Pointless’ by Queens of the Stone Age is my new jam.
Sweet baby MEMETIC #1 advances are here 📱💻📺 (at BOOM! Studios)

So special.

"Have a Party"


"Have a Party"

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Aziz Ansari: ‘I’m a Feminist’

Louis C.K. might not be completely wrong about Mars
@michelangeloobeso I think you left your bullshit on my couch last night


Sasha Zavyalov

Sasha Zavyalov is a 24 year old artist from Russia. He is a graduate of the British Higher School of Design, with a focus on Fine Art Photography.

He describes his work as being full of love, anger, and death. Sasha builds all his sets himself. You can follow his work via his Tumblr, or see his work on Flickr.

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‘Tailspin’ by The DamnedOctober means creepy tunes.

‘Tailspin’ by The Damned
October means creepy tunes.

@natalsnaps picked me up from work for a date and surprised me with flipping KINGS OF LEON TICKETS AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL! Holy crap lady, think you just made everyone jealous of how rad of a bestie you are. Love you to death and thank you so much for a seriously kick ass night. This is perfect.